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Frequently Asked Questions

🤔Why do I have to register early? It’s not like you are going to run out of rooms or meals, right? 😀Great question! Residentials have the challenge of arranging for accommodations and meals and have to know when they have reached their cap. Our “Un”Residential has a different challenge - to plan an engaging schedule of programs and group gatherings across several time zones, and to ensure we have sufficient tech volunteers to support each offering. The more we can plan, the better your experience will be!

🤔Why do I have to register at all? I am outside the US, and my registration is free - so can I not just drop in once I see the schedule? 😀Yes, you could register at the last minute, but then we would not have had an opportunity to engage with you, learn about your interests, and plan our larger gatherings - opening and closing circles, support groups, and topic groups with you in mind! By registering and creating a profile, we can be sure we are reaching out to everyone.

🤔I am thinking of hosting a topic group/workshop, can I let you know later? 😀We’d love to have you host a topic group! From a planning perspective, if you anticipate needing tech support for Zoom breakout rooms, etc. the sooner we know your needs, the sooner we can plan for volunteer support for you. The sooner we can post “topic groups” on our website, the greater the impact on registration, and the broader the scope of offerings, as other topic hosts will be able to plan around your topic and schedule. Of course, as always, the worshop will be co-created and you can add a topic group while the workshop is happening, as inspiration strikes. To offer a topic group please go to

🤔What is the difference between a topic group and a workshop? 😀Thanks for asking! Different countries use the labels in different ways. For the purpose of this event (US-based) “workshop” is the title for the 5-day event, and “topic groups” are the individual time slots in the program. Any “topic group” can be: • A brainstorming group - for example, “How do we attract non-white people to CoCo?” • A review group - for example, “let’s watch this Ted Talk and then discuss”, or a review of a book, video, etc. • A presentation of a concept - for example: “Engaging our head, heart, and gut brains to optimize embodiment and future planning” • A vision of CoCo as a tool to reach underserved/unheard communities - “Using CoCo for social change” • A yoga group, or laughter yoga group! • A walk outdoors (depending on your weather) to experience and share the bodily experience of temperature, light/dark, aromas, and colors of our different places in our global community. No labels! A “topic group” for this event covers all formats EXCEPT sales/marketing in ANY format. If you are looking to grow your business, this is NOT the place to do it.

🤔I have never been to a residential or a virtual workshop, so I don’t know if I want to commit. I’d like to check it out first before signing up for anything. 😀We understand your hesitancy to try something new - you might like to reach out to your Co-Counselling trainer/facilitator or peer group and ask them if this is something that would hold value for you. We are looking to create an opportunity for those who want it, not to “sell” anything that is not in your best interests.

🤔I am reluctant to get on any “online” email lists. 😀We absolutely understand your concerns about digital security and privacy. You are not alone. The list will not, at any time, be intentionally used by CCI-USA for any commercial purpose. You have the option at registration not to share your contact info (phone and email) with the group, although it is encouraged that you at least share your email address for the purposes of community outreach and for the organizers in communicating schedule changes, etc.. If you would like to participate in the workshop, AND add a layer of privacy, you may want to consider creating an “alias” email address for this workshop.

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